Outreach Programs

Literacy: McGuffey Bookworm Project

Since 2005, the Worcester County Commission for Women and the Friends of Worcester County Commission for Women provide elementary school students in grades 1-3 with books and a book bag for summer reading.

Support for Women During Transition: Suddenly Single

In 2011, this project was resurrected to define its mission, focus and objectives. The mission and focus of the Suddenly Single initiative is to assist women who become Suddenly Single in moving forward to achieve social, educational and economic equality while maintaining health and well-being. Women of any age who become suddenly widowed, divorced or abandoned after a long-term relationship are welcome to attend informational workshops.

Support for Women to Achieve Higher Education:  Empowering Women Scholarship

This is a new initiative beginning 2016.  Selection criteria has been developed to award a scholarship to any female in Worcester County–a single mother, a returning student or a high school student.  Award to be presented in May 2016.

Needy Children: Worcester County GOLD Family

The Worcester County Commission for Women and the Friends of Worcester County Commission for Women sponsor a family in need throughout the year.  Since 2005, we provide for Easter, Back-to-School, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Inmates: Worcester County Jail Birthday Box

The Friends of the Worcester County Commission for Women donate toys, sports equipment, games, gift cards, toiletries, books, wrapping paper and other items suitable for birthday gifts that the inmates can give to their children. This is our way of thanking the Worcester County jail inmates for assisting with the assembly of the McGuffey backpacks that our volunteers distribute to elementary school students on McGuffey distribution day.

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